Best Business Book of the Year? Maybe!

Just learned that It’s Not About You, our recent addition to the Go-Giver series, has just been short-listed as a contender for the 8CR “Best Business Book of 2011” award in the Personal Development category!


(Or insert beer-can-crush, locker-room-fist-pump, high-five/low-five/over-the-shoulder-five, or your own favorite generally felicitous exclamation here.)

You can read about it and see all the nominees HERE, and also watch a brief video announcing the nominees below — although with five nominees in each of eight categories (that’s forty titles), the fellow in the video doesn’t go through them by name.

That “fellow in the video,” by the way, is Milwaukee social media strategist Phil Gerbyshak, who in addition to all the other amazing things he does also fulfills the role of Author Services at 8CR.

8CR, also known as 800-CEO-Read, is a major force and powerfully positive presence in the world of busines books. You can see their bestseller list, which they compile in conjunction with Inc. magazine and update monthly, here.

The winners in each category will be announced next week. Fingers crossed!

(Also toes, eyes, and if you can swing it, ears and nostrils.)

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  1. Josephine Gross, Ph. D. Says:

    Rooting for you and Bob!! It’s Not About You holds a quintessential leadership message whose time has come…

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