13 Resolutions for a Purposeful Life

Earlier this year Chris and Josephine Gross, the founders of Networking Times, came to me with an interesting challenge.

Networking legend and leadership guru Orrin Woodward, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution, had published a book on how to live your best life, entitled Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life. Like all Orrin’s work, the book was a treasure-trove of insights and timeless principles. It was also jam-packed with stories, vignettes, profiles of American heroes and how their lives exemplified the principles he was writing about, and more.

Much more.

333 pages worth.

Which was, in essence, the challenge. Chris and Josephine were concerned that the book’s sheer density and page count might limit its readership. Would it be possible, they wondered, to condense the meat in Resolved into a shorter, concise book the size and readability of, say, The Go-Giver? A sort of “primer” that would give readers the essence of the larger book?

Answer: yes. Here it is: The Resolved Primer.

Resolved PrimerResolved Primer is designed for use as a one-year program of refinement, character-building, and self-realization. As we put it in the book:

“Studying one resolution a week, applying all of that chapter’s principles and directives in your daily life throughout the seven days of that week, will take you thirteen weeks—exactly one-quarter year. Repeating the cycle lets you thoroughly explore all thirteen resolutions four times in the space of a calendar year. In one year, your life will transform.”

The resolutions are organized into three sections: private achievement, public achievement, and leadership achievement:

1) Purpose: I resolve to discover my God-given purpose.
2) Character: I resolve to choose character over reputation any time they conflict.
3) Attitude: I resolve to have a positive attitude in all situations.
4) Alignment: I resolve to align my subconscious mind with my conscious intention.
5) Practice: I resolve to develop and implement a game plan in each area of my life.
6) Score: I resolve to keep score in the game of life.
7) Friendship: I resolve to practice the art and science of friendship.
8 ) Financial Intelligence: I resolve to practice financial intelligence.
9) Leadership: I resolve to practice the art and science of leadership.
10) Unity: I resolve to practice the art and science of conflict resolution.
11) Holism: I resolve to practice big-picture thinking.
12) Resilience: I resolve to increase my capacity to overcome adversity.
13) Legacy: I resolve to leave a legacy by fulfilling my purpose.

In the introduction, Orrin uses the examples of three eighteenth-century Colonial Americans, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards, who resolved to build lives of virtue by studying and applying daily resolutions. As Orrin explains it, each of these three men “created an enduring legacy not only through what they did, but also, and more importantly, through who they were.”

You won’t find this one on Amazon or BN.com, but you can pick up a copy from the Networking Times site. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Peggi Kern Says:

    I read this book and also did the 90 day Mentsl Fitness Challenge, which is based on the Resolved book! Amazing!! I’m going to read the primer next!!

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